I Need IVF

Thoughts and musings on infertility and ivf

A Brief Intro

Rachel and I went through multiple rounds of IVF in 2017/2018. We found it difficult to find information and guidance about the UK IVF system corroborated by others we have met on our journey. We want to change that so welcome to I Need IVF.

I Need IVF’s Vision

Our vision is to bring information to those in the UK who are at any point in the journey. To provide support and guidance where it is asked for and finally to reduce the Taboo which still surrounds IVF and fertility issues in general by encouraging discussion and stories.

Our Blog will be used more to explore the less formal and factually specific elements of IVF and allow us an opportunity to share our own and other peoples experiences of IVF and infertility.


Nathan Dippie

Nathan Dippie

I am currently self-employed working from home. Living in the North east expecting our first IVF miracle on the 30th August 2019. 

Rachel Herlihy

Rachel Herlihy

I’m a Nurse working in the North East expecting our first baby in August 2019. Very excited about going on Maternity leave