Infertility and IVF Quotes

Why Quotes about Infertility and IVF

There are days when going through fertility problems. when getting IVF and when things just aren’t going your way. We all need a bit of inspiration or a bit of a giggle at times. So we have pulled together a few of our favorite quotes about Infertility and IVF the made us cry, laugh or just think.

    IVF and Infertility quotes of Hope

    Infertility is tough it makes us sad, it makes us happy, it makes us crazy sometimes we just need to hear something affirming and positive, these are a selection of some that I have used through our Journey.

    My 2 favorites are the belief one, because through all the people I have met on this journey it is clear that infertility knows no race, religion or background, it impacts us all equally

    The second is “don’t confuse your path with your destination. Just because it’s stormy now 


    doesn’t mean you aren’t heading towards sunshine”. I found this one particually helpful especially on those dark days where it seems as though nothing will go right. Nathan always used to say this to me along with “It only takes one” which always used to help bring me out of the rut and look towards the future.


    Funny Infertility and IVF Quotes

    Sometimes during trying to conceive, infertility and IVF things can get a little too serious. I often found myself watching funny videos, looking at amusing GIF’s or just reading funny quotes. Above are some of the IVF and infertility quotes which made me chuckle, laugh or I could just relate too.

    My favorites are the one with the sperm on the hunt for his egg but only to be found by the walls of a petri dish. I found this quite amusing to think about during retrieval day, especially as Nathan has always said that his are left handed and as such swim in anti-clockwise circles.

    The other one which tickles me is Cat time, the two-week wait really can feel like an eternity. Couple this with my love of cats (we have 2 black beauties called Bea and Cleo) and you have a perfect analogy for how I felt during the TWW.


    Miscilaneous Infertility and IVF Quotes

    These are just some of my favourite all round Infertility and IVF quotes.

    I really like the recipie, as IVF really does feel like you are baking a cake just with a lot of love and little science. I am an avid baker myself so anything that I can relate to cakes, biscuits and breads and I’ma  happy lady.

    I also love the Jar, so many people say so many things without thinking things through. If I could have a fiver for every stupid comment i’ve heard then I could set up an IVF fund for those who aren’t eligible for IVF on the NHS and just can’t afford it. Hmmmm…maybe this should be a future project.

    Nathan is a climber and loves mountains and geology, and the quote from Nelson Mandela is one of his all time favourites so I had to include it.

    Let us know in the comments your favorite quotes, sayings and affirmations and we’ll get them into this post. 


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