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Since we released our ULTIMATE guide to UK IVF Costs it has become clear that many people wanted to be able to use the information to more accurately forecast their own private IVF Costs.

Firstly let’s go over the key facts that we discovered during our research of this article – If you are wanting the full information then check out the article linked above.

The UK IVF treatment market

In 2017 – the most recent IVF statistics that have been released there were  69822 IVF cycles performed. Currently 60.1% of women and couples having IVF treatment in the UK are having their treatments through Private IVF clinics. This means that there is a significant cost to the individual.

There were 93 licenced clinics offering IVF treatment in the UK at the time of writing with the majority of these in and around London. These are commercial entities and the regulator for IVF adn other fertility treatments in the UK doesn’t have the regulatory powers to control pricing in IVF clinics – As such there is substantial variation in the IVF Costs costs seen in and around the UK.

The UK IVF market is currently worth about £320 million and is predicted to grow by about 3% per year. The fact that the NHS offers IVF treatment in some areas means that the IVF treatment market in the UK is being hand tied somewhat however in todays political climate, with public funding cuts happening left right and centre may mean that it has to stop offering IVF. -This is already happening in some area’s where you can’t get IVF depending upon your postcode. But more on the NHS later.

What are the average UK Private IVF Costs

We spent about 50 hours pulling data and researching IVF costs across the UK. We calculated these using the mean of all the clinics across the UK for specific treatment options. We found the followiing:


Average pre-treatment IVF costs£536

Average IVF treatment including drugs and fees: £4589

Average ICSI treatment cost: £897

Average Frozen Embryo Transfer cost including drugs and fees: £1448

If we use that data above in combination with the number of cycles from the HFEA website we get a figure of


£254.8 million per year spent by couples per year on IVF treatment in the UK


Yes, that’s right it costs people in the UK just over 254.8 million pounds per year for IVF and ICSI This doesn’t include IVF addons or those going abroad, which we will explore briefly next.

IVF Addons and the impact upon IVF costs in the UK

In the USA many IVF addons are used as commonly as ICSI. But for most of them there usage isn’t backed up by evidence and clinical trials. They are now becoming more common in the UK, almost exclusively in private clinics where there is a commercial interest conflicting with what patients need. If you’re interested you can learn more about IVF addons in our series.

These add to the average cost of  IVF costs in the UK and are added to the calculator so that you can see the impact of them.

Average Freeze all cycles including drugs, fees and freezing for 1 year: £4293

Average yearly freezing charge: £378

Average Embryo Glue: £193

Average use of donor sperm from a clinic: £706

Average Endometrial Scratch: £232

Average PGS testing: £2605

Average Assisted Hatching: £355

The Average UK IVF cost calculator

Here’s what you came for the calculator. Select where you live in the UK, the prices are ammended based upon your location. You can select any IVF addons and these will show in your IVF Price.

Can you reduce these IVF treatment costs?

In the UK there is a way to get Free IVF treatment in the UK. This is through the NHS. NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical  Excellence) guidelines suggest that each couple after trying to conceive for 2 years should be offered 3 cycles of IVF on the NHS. This is because if we look at the whole population it takes on average 2.4 cycles to get pregnant. It’s very unfortunate that not all areas follow these guidelines, many offer 1 or 2 cycles but some don’t offer any IVF on the NHS – you can check to see if you can get IVF treatment on the NHS in our NHS IVF Eligibility Checker.

One other way that you could consider to reduce your IVF costs is to explore Egg sharing. In a nutshell this is where you go through a regular IVF cycle but when you’re eggs are collected and a portion are given to 1 ore more people who need to use donor eggs. In exchange for this you get reduced cost or sometimes even free IVF. If this might be something you are interested in you can read our complete guide to egg sharing.

Let us know in the comments what you thought of the calculator and if there are any tools that you would find helpful for IVF or infertility.

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