Before IVF

The Road To IVF

This section takes you on a journey from the first giddy days of trying to conceive through to fertility testing and getting your infertility diagnosis. Below are a small number of the key articles in the before IVF section with  a full list of the articles at the bottom of the page.

The beginning of your Journey

These are the key articles for those at the very early stages of their fertility and conception journey. It looks predominantly at natural conception and how to improve your chances of conceiving. Key articles for this section are:

Average age of all mothers changed from 23.9 years in 1973 to 28.8 years in 2017

How long should it take to get pregnant – This guide takes the mathematical approach using the latest research and computational models to determine how long it should take to get pregnant and what your personal chances are of getting pregnant. I’m sure you have read the you have a 30% chance per cycle well this too simplistic and ultimately wrong. Using the formulas discussed here it takes into the account the chance of infertility into account being higher the longer you have been trying


Using cycle tracking to improve your chances of getting pregnantHow can you improve your chances of getting pregnant- This guide explores natural conception. It looks at your sex life and how to manage the balance between wanting to conceive and maintaining a healthy and loving intimate relationship. It identifies lifestyle choices which can reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Finally it looks at chronic conditions and understanding the biology of conception and how cycle tracking can help.


After trying to conceive for 6 months

These articles are aimed at those who are still fairly early in their fertility journey. Although you may now be thinking about how to maintain a healthy relationship, should you be tracking your cycle more rigorously, should you think about doing some male fertility testing and how to start having those conversations as a couple.

Maintaining a health relationship whilst trying to conceiveHow to maintain a healthy relationship whilst trying to conceive – There is no denying that trying to get pregnant has an impact on your sex life and this becomes more prominent the longer you are trying. This article looks at the impacts upon your sex life and your relationship and how you can work through some of the challenges and changes together in positive way.




How can home male fertility tests help?

Should I use a home sperm testing kit? – This guide looks at the role of potential male infertility within couples trying to conceive. You can rule out 2 of the main reasons for male factor infertility count and motility using a simple home test which can encourage action where required or reduce the feelings of inadequacy and guilt.



The journey from fertility to infertility

These articles are to do with the later times of the natural conception time. It explores how to seek help, what are you options, what to ask at appointment. It works through fertility testing helping you understand what tests will be performed, what the tests mean and what the key fertility diagnoses are.

Speak up about fertility, the emotional impacts – This is a quick look at the emotional impacts of infertility, asking questions such as is my partner enough of a support network?




An ultrasound machine commonly used in fertility testing

Fertility Testing – This detailed guide looks at fertility testing for men and women, it explores all the main tests which can be performed, what you can expect and what the results mean. If you are thinking about going to the GP or are going for fertility testing then this will guide you through all the key information you need and the quesitons you should ask.




Articles specifically looking at PCOS as a cause of infertility

The key fertility Diagnoses – This is  a quick guide to the main infertility diagnoses. Did you know that of all infertility diangoses 30% are male factor, 30% female, 25% unexplained and 15% are both. It’s important to undertand your diagnosis as this will determine what the next step in the process is whether you try artificial insemination or go straight to IVF.


Before IVF Articles