Can You get IVF on the NHS: NHS IVF eligibility criteria

Find out how many IVF cycles you can have on the NHS and what you need to do to get them

We received a lot of feedback regarding 2 of our articles. NHS Postcode lottery and IVF Costs in the UK. Which you can read if you’re interested in the links. We’ll just touch on some of the information you can find in these that are pertinent to the checker.

The NICE (National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence) guidelines recommend that people should be entitled to 3 cycles of IVF as long as they have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully for 2 years, are under 37 and qualify for treatment in the UK. Sadly CCG’s (clinical commissioning groups), which are who fund NHS treatments in a specific geography, aren’t forced to follow these guidelines. In fact many only offer 1 or 2 cycles and some are now offering no IVF cycles. So it’s becoming a NHS postcode lottery. The image below graphically shows the spread of IVF treatments offered by area 

The NHS IVF Eligibility checker below looks at the CCG you live in. It will show you the number of cycles both fresh and frozen (if you get embryo’s to freeze) that you will be entitled to, specific age requiremenrs, how long you need to have been trying to get pregnant, Body mass index requirements and finally any Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) requirement. You can read about AMH in our article on AMH and it’s predictive future. Finally not everyone know’s their BMI so there is a calculator below to allow you to calculate this.

NHS Eligibility Checker

Here’s what you came for the NHS eligibility checler. Select where you live in the UK and it will give you the main NHS IVF eligibility for your area.

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