During IVF

What to Expect

During IVF – A time of hopes and dreams

So you’ve been reffered for IVF or another form of ART (Assisted reproduction techniques) including IUI, IVI. Well now the fun really starts. The IVF process is a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, you will have the most intense lows and some moments of pure bliss. It can leave you feeling alone and it can make you realise how much people love you. IT really is a story of opposites.

This section of the website is dedicated to trying to help from after referral to IVF or Assited reproduction through to the moment you find out your results. Below we list our favourite articles and set out which article might be right for you at specific points through your IVF Cycle.

Before we get into those, Both Rachel and I wish you all the luck in the world, we have been where you are and know how much hope and desire you are putting behind this, so may chance be ever in your favour.

Our Favourite During IVF Articles

Below are our 3 of our current favorite articles regarding IVF and other Assisted Reproduction Technologies – These will likely change as we upload new favorites so be sure to check back as regularly as you want to. 

The ULTIMATE Guide to how much IVF Costs

We spent over 50 hours researching this and looking at all the clinics in the UK to give you accurate cost breakdowns of IVF and additional IVF services.

A complete guide to egg sharing

We know how expensive IVF can be, we were exploring ways to save money for IVF and came accross egg sharing. There are a lot of pro’s and cons to egg sharing, but answer our 10 quesitons to see if it could be a good choice for you.

IVF Add-on Series

This is a complete guide to IVF treatment add-ons. It explains what each treatment is, what the current state of the evidence is, how much it costs and what the risks are to help you decide if it’s right choice for your IVF cycle.

The beggining of IVF

3 Key pieces to read at the beggining of you your Assisted Reproduction and IVF cycles

The IVF Process and Timeline

This guide gives youa  detailed overview of what you can expect from your IVF process and how long each section may take.

A detailed overview of IVF Drugs and How they could impact you

When you get all your medicaitons for IVF you can feel a little overwhelmed. This article will take you through the medications that you will take for each stage of IVF and how they may impact you.

A guide to Artificial Insemination

If you are about to embark on Artificial insemination or thinking about it then this guide looks at all your options, from how and when to do it through to where to find donor sperm.

IVF Choices Articles

We have chosen 3  articles about the choices you may have to make or treatments which may or may not be offered.

A step by step guide to Frozen Embryo Transfers (FET)

This guide looks at the full frozen embryo transfer process, if you are lucky enough to get embryo’s to freeze, what happens, how much does it cost and does freezing impact the egg quality.

Should I get time Lapse Imaging as part of my IVF cycle

This is one of the more interesting IVF addons that is being offered by clinics. This article explores the current evidence base behind this treatment to help you decide if it’s right for you.

What is ICSI and might I need it?

This guide looks at ICSI as a treatment for male factor infertiliy as part of your IVF cycle. It is one of the only addons to IVF currently funded by the NHS. We explore who ICSI is used for and what the risks with it are.

The back end of IVF

These are the most popular which explore the latter end of IVF.

8 after embryo transfer precautions and tips

After you have had your embryo transfered is one of the scariest and exciting times during IVF. We explore 8 tips based in evidence and to stop you asking what if.

OHSS (Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) and IVF

OHSS is one of the most important risks for you to understand. It is a specific condition which is caused by stimulation phase of IVF. This guide will help you understand those risks and what you can expect if you are unlucky.

Don’t understimate the emotional impacts of IVF

IVF is a very challenging time emotionally and physically, this article explores the possible emotionalimpacts of IVF and where you can find support if you need it.

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