I Need IVF’s review and most popular Posts of 2019

First and foremost I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us in 2019, our readers, those who have got in touch, those who have shared their stories, those who have got in touch to collaborate. It has been a blast and we can’t wait to see what 2020 brings!

I Need IVF had a big year in 2019

2019 has been a HUGE year for us. Our Fertility journey closed it’s 3rd chapter with the birth of our IVF baby Thea Jayne. In 2018, before we had our successful IVF cycle Rachel and I had started discussing starting a website to create a community to support those who are going through infertility and IVF.

Sadly, I was made redundant at the beginning of 2019 just after we found out that we had a successful IVF cycle and that we were pregnant. I thought

“shit, what are we going to do?”

I have a chronic pain condition called chronic prostatitis which causes intense pain and means that I struggle to move around and sit. Rachel and I decided that actually, this was a blessing in disguise, and it gave us an opportunity to do what we had discussed in 2018.

Start our site!

So, I committed to going full-time self-employed and starting a supportive infertility website aimed at giving factual accurate information and enabling people to understand infertility, IVF and the journey more deeply.

We wrote our first article and started the site on Tuesday 16th July 2019

Don’t get me wrong this site is nowhere near bringing in an income, in fact, we only added adverts at the beginning of December to try and cover the costs of the website. We have so far earnt a massive $15 (£11).

But most importantly we have started. The site has had 4,665 visitors in December who have read 12,594 pages on the website, that is in our humble opinion absolutely amazing for a 5-month-old website.

Furthermore, we have some exciting news about working on the Big Fertility Project with reproductive medicine consultant Matt Prior. We will be providing our own stories and working with others who want to share their stories to generate better information for patients, we’re very excited about this. You can find out a little more about this at the Big Fertility Project website

We’ve also been approached about some other exciting projects which we will be a part of in 2020 which we hope to able to announce shortly.

We have built a wonderful little community on Pinterest with over 120,000 engagements each month and this is growing at a rapid rate. If you want to follow us on Pinterest then you can find our account at I Need IVF on Pinterest. We have recently started a twitter account, where we share latest news and information on IVF as well as support those going through the journey, if you’d like to follow us then please do so at I Need IVF’s Twitter Account.

We’re so excited that the first 5 and a half months have been so exciting, and we can’t wait for 2020. Before we explore what, we are hoping to achieve in 2020 let’s look at our 5 most popular posts of 2019

I Need IVF’s most popular posts of 2019

In descending order

  1. IVF Addons a complete series This one was a complete passion project. We believe that the HFEA and other regulatory bodies aren’t doing enough to protect patients and help them make well-informed decisions about their IVF treatment. This series of articles looks at all the main IVF add-on treatments and what the latest evidence says and whether we think they are a worthwhile upgrade. We think you will be surprised at the lack of supporting evidence, so if you haven’t already check it out.
  1. 9 Tips on trying to conceive naturally – This is a simple piece which just explores what you can do to improve your fertility. These tips are either evidence-based or peace of mind tips which can help you and improve your chances of conceiving naturally. It is one of the longest parts of the fertility journey and as such no wonder, it has done so well.
  1. 16 Key Tips to Help you Prepare for IVF cycle number One – This one didn’t really surprise me being so high up the rankings. It is something that Rachel and I felt super passionate about. Going into IVF blind is a very stressful situation, you are always reacting to things, you are always on the back foot. So, we along with some of our readers came up with tips and tricks that really helped us prepare for IVF.
  1. How long does it take to get pregnant? – This one has been a monster! So many people have looked at this page it has blown my mind yet it’s the only 2nd position. I wrote this because I was fed up with reading the same old inaccurate generalised information about how long it takes to get pregnant. You have a 30% chance per cycle, you have a 25% chance per cycle. But I wanted to know that because I’m 32 and have already been trying 14 months what were my specific chances and how ‘unlucky’ have we been. So I took the latest research and wrote this post. We have also recently added a free downloadable pregnancy chance calculator to the page which has gone down a storm!

And the top spot goes to…

  1. 8 After Embryo Transfer Precautions and Tips – This one has been an absolute hit. We wrote it because there is so much anxiety and angst around this part of IVF. People often wonder if they hadn’t done this or had done that whether it would have made a difference to whether or not their embryo implanted. So, we wrote this, we found 4 evidence-based tips which can give you the best chance of the embryo implanting and 4 tips which help give you peace of mind. If you haven’t already read it now.

What do we have planned for I Need IVF for 2020?

Our main plans for 2020 are as follows.

  • We want to continue to create content which is helpful for people on their fertility journey. This is where we have our first ask – if you have been reading our content and you have anything you would like to see covered or covered in more detail then let us know in the comments or drop us an email at info@ineedivf.co.uk we would love to hear from you about the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • We want to build calculators, tools, questionnaires to help guide people to specific answers and content which will help their specific situation
  • We want to start writing and publishing other people’s infertility stories – So second ask if you want to have your story published, discussed written or videoed then get in touch and we can get this sorted, contact us at info@ineedivf.co.uk. Remember this can be anonymous if that is what you want.
  • I am hoping to write a book about our fertility journey from a male perspective. Whilst writing one of my personal favourite articles – An open letter to my past self – Which is about what men wish they could have told themselves before they started their fertility journey. I was amazed at how little was written about this from a male perspective, so I’m hoping to put a little mark in this sphere.
  • We plan on helping the Big Fertility Project create honest and relatable materials for those going through infertility in the UK
  • We want to continue advocating for the best possible patient support, treatment and information to be made available to ensure that patients are making the right choices for them.
  • We will be attending fertility events, talks and conferences around the UK and reporting on those.
  • Look into creating some face to face and online based support groups. – We’d love to know if this is something that would be interested in.

We have a few things on the boil which are in an early stage and haven’t been formally agreed. But if they go ahead, we will be shouting them from the rooftops.

Thank you again for helping make 2019 a fantastic year for I need IVF. If you haven’t already then sign up to join our community below.


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