Our Top 6 Fertility books you MUST read for 2020

Your fertility journey can be a long and windy road. You can reach the deepest depths of despair and fly to the sun on joy and adulation. It can be the loneliest of journeys even when you are surrounded by love and support.

How Fertility books helped Rachel and I through our infertility journey

Your fertility journey can be a lonely one. I am lucky I have a loving partner, great parents and parents in law and also a really solid group of friends for whom I can speak to. Despite this, there were still plenty of times that I felt alone.

It’s scary how you can be surrounded by people and still feel isolated. But this is true for not only me but since starting I Need IVF we realised many many others.

When I didn’t know the answer to someone, needed some empathy – even if not from a person or just needed a fresh perspective; I turned to words. This could be my favourite blogs, information, YouTube but more commonly I turned to books.


Books have a way of immersing you in someone else’s mindset, in another person’s journey. They allow you to explore your own thoughts and feelings in a more tangential way through the lenses of someone else. This can be useful when you are tackling thoughts and feelings that can be immensely painful.

Here are just a small selection of the fertility books that I read this year and the ones that I think everyone on their fertility journey should read in 2020.

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Disclaimer: This article does contain affiliate links – These all go to Amazon so that you can check the reviews there before making a purchase. We get a (tiny) commission for each sale which doesn’t add any cost to yourselves but does help us maintain the website so that we can help people through their fertility journeys. We have read all the books on this list and are recommending them based on our own personal opinion. For more information check out our disclosure policy.

Today we look at the books which helped us get through our Infertility and IVF. We are avid readers and we have been a member of Amazon kindle unlimited for a long time. Otherwise we – well Nathan, in particular, would spend half our income on books each month as such it makes sense Plus you get it free for 30 days or even sometimes 90 days depending on the promotion. So if like us you are an avid reader then why not give it a go you can sign up for it at Amazon, it can save you a fortune in books and bookcases.

Anyway, enough of that let’s get the bulk of what you have come to read. What are our favourite fertility books?

Fertility books everyone should read in 2020

The Underachieving Ovary by JT Lawrence

Our review: This book is filled with moments of happiness and moments of deep sadness. It explores a couples journey with infertility and chronic pain. It features endometriosis, well-meaning but ultimately annoying family comments and their battles with IVF. All of this is done with humour and lot’s of it there were bits of this book that actually had me laughing till I cried. I think part of this was because Janita is brutally honest about their fertility journey and there were so many synergies with our own and this just made the content all the more powerful.

We all love a good fertility journal and this book is written in a diary(esque) manner which adds to the realism and it helps you feel as though you are experiencing their thoughts and feelings firsthand through a beautifully sometimes brutally honest lens.

This book is funny, but it can also be a hard read because if you are going through your own fertility journey then it some sections can feel as though she is writing about you.

With all this said I can’t recommend this book highly enough we loved it and we’re sure you will too.

Check out the pricing and reviews for The Underachieving Ovary on Amazon for either The Underachieving Ovary

It Starts with the Egg by Rebecca Fett

Our review: This one is a bit of a cult classic in IVF circles and as such there are thousands of reviews on it. But it really is that good that it needs to be included. The basic premise of the book sits very well with me. We are data-driven, evidenced-based people ourselves and some of the more fluffy elements around fertility can make us feel a little uncomfortable that’s why this book resonated so brilliantly with both of us.

Its premise is deceptively simple, it takes the latest research into egg quality (which Rebecca revised for a 2019 edition) and presents it to you in easy to understand real steps that you can take to improve your egg quality and have the best chance possible at getting pregnant.

It essentially works with you through a 12-week program to help you reduce your exposure to toxins and get rid of the crazy supplements which are marketed so heavily and eat properly.


You can tell that Rebecca has a degree in molecular biotechnology and biochemistry as the book can at times be quite heavy on the science. But I love that. I know that some people can take or leave this section of the book, but it is presented in a way that easy(ish) to understand by people who are not scientifically minded – But most importantly it adds weight to Rebecca’s arguments and means you can trust the changes to lifestyle that she is suggesting.

Also, you can use the book as a step by step guide on what to change and not worry about the evidence and science – trust us it’s solid.

I would recommend this book for absolutely anybody who is TTC, struggling with fertility o just interested in the science of egg quality. A superb read. You can check out the pricing and reviews on It Starts with the Egg

This is also available as an audiobook so if you like to listen to books whilst you commute to work or exercise then this is a great option.

Moondance by Diane Chandler

This is the only fictional book that we have on this list. Someone suggested that I give it a read and as it’s not my normal fiction based novel I reluctantly opened it and began. I finished it in 3 days so it must have been good.

The first thing that I want to say is that if you want to ‘like’ the main character of a book then this one may not be for you. I think you can describe her as someone you love to hate. Some readers might find her unsympathetic and unwavering in her goals. But for me, this is what made this novel so engaging. She had an unwavering desire and she did everything in her power to reach her goal no matter the cost to her personal relationships.

It tackles the nitty-gritty side of IVF with gruelling honesty and feisty desire. Many of my favourite characters being those within the clinics and it makes for some amusing interactions between Cat and them.

With this being a novel rather than a reflective or educational book it allows the extremes of IVF and those stereotypical characters you meet through your fertility journey to really be dialled up to 10.

I really would recommend this book to anyone who likes novels, it’s not quite as relatable as some of the experience IVF books out there but I wouldn’t be surprised if Diane worked with someone who had been through IVF to get the feel of this novel so right.

You can check out the prices and review for Moondance

Warrior: Battling infertility – staying sane while trying to conceive by Tori Day

This is a book by an author who in our opinion is a bit of a hero. Rachel especially followed Tori through our own infertility journeys and absolutely loved her stuff, so when she released a book, we got it pretty quickly – Plus she’s a Northerner so that always makes her better in our eyes.

I know we have spoken highly of the author, but that is because she is central to this book. The one thing that this book does beautifully is to allow you to feel the pain and heartbreak of being unable to conceive a baby.

It is so relatable and it allows you to put yourself as the reader going through your own troubles into her shoes and genuinely feels less alone.

It talks about the other side of infertility the obsession that takes over your life, the impacts that it had on her relationships – things you wouldn’t have expected.

You’d expect with such heavy material it could be quite macabre, but no Tori has found a really difficult to achieve balance using humour to break up the difficult reading. Her moments of reflection and moments of epiphany give you important little takeaways to take on your own journey.

It’s an absolutely superb book and one that I can’t recommend highly enough, you can check out the pricing and reviews for Warrior

Down the F’n Tubes: an ode to fertility futility by Virginia and Tom Hanada

This was one of these books that I brought when we were going through infertility but it sat on my bookshelf for about 6 weeks before I opened it. That was a mistake! I didn’t really expect much from this little book, to be honest – I thought it might be that little bit too on the edge for the subject matter.

Just to be 100% clear, I was wrong. It’s genius.

This book is both light-hearted and touching in equal measure. The one thing that I think this book is; is cathartic. It allows you to escape and release some of those strong emotions you’ve built up.

You follow the journey of the sperm and the egg which is obviously a parody for the authors of this book on a rollercoaster of both joy and sadness. It is so relatable and allows a difficult subject to be approached with warmth.

One of the best bits about this book is the artwork. It is superb and it beautifully accompanies the text in a synergistic manner which really blends the visual and read components of the book.

This is one of the books which doesn’t have a happy ending, so I would suggest caution in who you choose to give it too, however, it really is worth a read and would likely be great for family members trying to understand the fertility journey in a slightly lighter manner.

You can check out pricing and review for Down the F’n Tubes: an ode to fertility futility

Ripping Up the Script: One couple’s journey through infertility, a man’s perspective by Charlie Druce

Have you noticed something about the previous 5 books they’re predominantly aimed at women with the main audience?  When we were going through our journey, we wanted some male experience books and boy oh boy is it hard to find some… maybe it’s something that Nathan will get round to writing one day. In fact, almost all books on male fertility are practical and educational, the softer side is pretty much missing from 50% of the fertility equation.

I also read a few of the ones that are out there and to be honest they’re not too great. But I did find this little gem. Although it is not exclusively about male infertility it is about their infertility through the lens of Charlie. Taking a look at the fertility journey from the male perspective can be refreshing for both men and women.

Ripping up the script draws you in from the beginning. It is honest, thoughtful and emotional with a little sprinkling of humour. Charlie manages to bring you the reader on their long journey to becoming parents. How they cried through the obstacles, how he engaged in the fertility journey.

For a man to be so open is a rarity and one for which I applaud Charlie, this is a must-read book in a tiny genre which is fertility from a male perspective. There are only two words that describe this book for me and they are true and brave.

I recommend this to men and women alike and you can check the pricing and reviews for Ripping Up the Script on Amazon

Are there any fertility books we are looking forward to being released in 2020

Since we have started the website and getting more and more involved in the fertility community it amazes me how many great people there are out there documenting their experiences and advocating for people that they don’t even know because they believe in Fertility fairness for all.

One of those people is Katy Linderman, she writes at Uber Barrens Club on her blog she talks about what she terms the uber barrens those that really struggle to get into the ‘parenting club’ Her blog can be caustic, it can be direct it can be challenging. But it’s brilliant.

She is also writing a book which is one that we are anticipating will be brilliant. And we can’t wait so watch this space. 

Are there any fertility books that you’d reccomend, if so leave them in the comments.



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