10 Awesome IVF gift ideas, guaranteed to make her happy

Do you have a friend, family member or partner about to embark on IVF treatment? Yes… If you’re thinking of getting them an IVF gift, then you have come to the right place! Firstly let me state you don’t need to spend a fortune, it’s something from the heart that counts, it’s something that will make them smile, make her feel supported and know that you love and care, it’s something that says. You’ve got this and I’m here for you the whole way” We know IVF is expensive and as we have already stated it’s the thought; as such we have broken down the list into budget moderate and higher cost gifts based on your own budget.

Budget friendly IVF gift Ideas

A card

Sometimes a simple card makes all the difference in the world and is all that you need for a perfect IVF gift, filled with heartfelt words can mean as much as the most expensive gifts. This is a picture of a card that I got for Nathan…talk about adding pressure to him. But there are some beautiful options which you can see below

A homemade you’re entitled token book

This sounds a little bit odd. But you could fill place 5-10 pieces of paper into envelopes, which your lady can cash in with your through her IVF treatments. On them you could have things such as:

  • This voucher entitles you to a 30-minute back massage
  • This voucher entitles you to a 20-minute foot rub
  • This voucher entitles you to a home cooked meal of your choosing eaten by candlelight
  • This voucher entitles you to choose a film and snack of your choice, which I promise to snuggle you through

You get the idea, but you can put as many personal ones as you would like in there it’s personal and it’s reasonable and she can use whatever she wants when she needs that specific one most.


I know this one sounds a little silly but IVF socks are pretty much a standard tradition – They’re nice to wear during all your treatments and silly superstitions say that they’re supposed to be lucky. But who are we to go against superstition, and in fact even though we are the least superstitious people you will meet, I still got a pair of IVF socks, they were warm and comfy… the best kind! These are a few options that we like, but at the end of the day it’s socks, you know what the lovely lady wears!

A pineapple Pin

You may or not know but IVF babble launched the pineapple pin as a sign for those suffering with fertility and it went viral. As such it’s now the official ‘mascot’ so to speak of us fertility warriors, so a beautiful pineapple pin can mean a lot and will be sure to put a smile on your lady’s face.

A cute hot water bottle

All the aches and pains during treatment can mean that a cute hot water bottle could be right up your loved one’s alley. Just remember she should only use it at the appropriate times on her stomach but it could still be used for her back or feet even when the stomach is off limits to heat. We particually like the one below from Amazon

Moderate Priced IVF Gifts

A magical day out 2-3 days before egg collection

You can couple this with a card which you give her at the beginning of the journey, maybe it’s a day at her favourite market, or her favourite place to walk, or that hotel you stayed in when you fell in love. This doesn’t have to be extravagant and the more specific to her loves the better. It gives her something super lovely to look forward to which can help keep her focused whilst struggling with the impacts of the medications

An IVF Journal

This is a big one for women. I have had 3 IVF journals and I loved them, they allowed me to record the IVF details, medications and how I was feeling. It was one of my favorite things to fill in every day. If your partner is like me and adores organisation, diaries, nice stationary or calendars then this really is the perfect gift for your partner. You can find some lovely IVF diaries on Etsy, but below are some of our favorites:

This is a fabulous IVF gift: Designed and written by Stephanie Fry. It includes

• Easily log, find, and review often changing information, such as contact details, medication information, hormone levels, testing and procedural instructions, and results
• Prepare for treatment and reduce stress by developing coping tools and creating a support network
• Avoid confusion and keep track of important insurance and financial information
• Understand the basics of In Vitro Fertilization treatment
• Track and compare multiple cycles side by side

Retrieve Believe Conceive – IVF Tracker and Planner, it includes

  • A 12 month cycle tracker calendar
  • Appointment trackers with room for notes
  • Retrieval medication chart
  • Retrieval results chart
  • Transfer medication chart
  • Week at a glance planner pages for one year – 52 weeks
  • 10 blank dot grid pages
  • 4 bonus coloring pages

IVF milestone cards and affirmation cards

Many women adore these, they help people through each stage of IVF offer wonderful words of encouragement, we don’t really need to explain more.

More extravagant IVF gift Ideas

A course, class or weekend

Book them something special, this could include a:

  • Fertility massage
  • A course of fertility acupuncture
  • Fertility Yoga Classes
  • A spa-weekend

Keep it healthy, keep it focused on fertility. That way she will know that you’re supporting her, that you booked something focused on the two of you trying to start a family.

A mini break for the TWW

I know many couples who went away during the TWW. It’s so hard to wait after IVF, when you have seen those little embryo’s implanted. There are somethings that you must keep in mind.

  • She must be able to get some time off work
  • You’re transfer date can move so be careful about booking this early, maybe a last-minute deal is best
  • Make sure you’re back in plenty of time for the pregnancy test as she will absolutely want to do this, so maybe 4-5 days would be perfect

IVF jewellery

If you’re partner or friend really likes some jewellery then you could get something which is IVF related, i.e. with pineapples or you could get something with a quote engraved and personalised, we really like those shown below

An IVF survival hamper

This is something a few people have done for people going through IVF and it’s a wonderful Idea it’s a combination of all the things you think they’ll need to get through their IVF treatment as easily as possible.

If we were to design one, we would have the following

  • A beautiful box or hamper
  • A pair of IVF socks
  • A promise token book
  • A personalised Card
  • IVF journal
  • Chocolate
  • Hot water bottle
  • BPA free drinking bottle
  • Her favourite drink e.g. decaf tea, hot chocolate, decaf coffee etc
  • A book such as it starts with the egg
  • A day out or massage booked
  • IVF colouring book
  • Something personalized such as a piece of jewelery or one of the pineapple pins

I hope you’ve managed to get some IVF gift ideas for your loved one, just remember get something she will love, that’s personal and will make her smile. If you want to save it for later or you would like to help other people find awesome gif ideas for those going through IVF then please consider sharing or pining one of the images below.


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