The Golden FET or IVF Transfer day Tips!

You’re here! This is the day you have been preparing for, you have taken great care of your Uterus, you body and your mind! You’re ready this could be the day that changes your life forever in ways you can’t yet even imagine. This is the day you become PUPO!

FET or IVF Transfer Day Tips

What is PUPO

PUPO means Pregnant until proven otherwise. It is a term specific to IVF where you are pregnant and have the same rights as a pregnant woman until you have a pregnancy test which confirms pregnancy or not. This means you have new rights at work and you are to be treated as pregnant until after the results of your pregnancy test. Many people choose to celebrate being PUPO and get a little something, we love this PUPO tee-shirt from amazon where you can check current prices.

Our experience after transfer.

You can learn more about our personal IVF journey on our about page. Transfer day was terrifying during both our IVF cycles. You have done all the preperation you can, you feel ready but it’s still scary.

I was incredibly nervous, i’d taken all my medications properly, we’d lived a healthy lifestyle and we were ready. Even still the drive to our IVF clinic was unusually subdued. We discussed what we hoped for and what it would mean if we did get pregnant, picturing starting a family and what our futures would be like. This felt like pressure, there was so much on a successful transfer, on my uterus being kind and accepting our little blasty (this is what we had nicknamed them).

We arrived at the clinic, checked in with reception surrounded by other couples and women at differing stages of their IVF treatment but we were here for the big IVF transfer day. We had already been told that none of our other embryos had developped well enough to freeze, but we had this one chance. I was feeling so nervous, i wanted to cry, i wanted to smile, i was all over the place. So much was hanging on our little blastocyst.

We were called in and we went through to the clinic. Once there both me and Nathan had to change into the fetching protective clothing. We were asked our names and date of birth to make sure that we were being given the right embryo… Nathan always joked that it would be strange if we had a hald human half penguin baby (he loves penguins). He is an odd one, but his humerous comments were both a shield for him to hide his own nerves and fears and also trying to lighten the mood and make me smile… which he did!


We were called through to the procedure room and I was told who would be in there but i was still surprised by the number of people, i had the embryologist, the medical team member doing the transfer and then a nurse supporting them. They were all lovely.

I was told to lay down on the bed with my legs in stirrups. – The most elegant position and Nathan yet again cracked a joke to keep things light and relaxed. In a previous scan they had already measured the optimal positioning of the tube in my uterus.

The embryologist, had our amazing blastocyst on the screen for us both to see and I had already ordered Nathan to be con camera duty and he happily snapped a few pictures of the embryo about to be transfered to me!

The embryologist, draws the embryo into a flexible plastic tube, this was carefully passed through my cervix and into the right position in my uterus using an ultrasound. It was slightly uncomfortable and i had some very minor cramps but it was easy overall.

The embryologist then checks the tube to make sure that the embryo did go in as they can be a little sticky, luckily it all worked for me first time.

I lay there for about 10 minutes, was advised to go home and rest for 48 hours and was given the time and date of my pregnancy test.

That’s it, it actually felt a little anti-climatic for all the work, effort and preparation we had put int! We drove home and i did as the doctor ordered and waited for my pregnancy test.

We went through this a couple of times and we have spoken to hundreds of other couples that have been through IVF and FET transfer days and this is how we came up with this golden FET and IVF transfer day tips.

FET/IVF Transfer Day Preperation Tips

#Tip 1 – Medication, Medication, Medication

Take your medication religiously and as prescribed this is vitally important as your hormone levels are vital to ensuring you can get pregnant and to help maintain early pregnancy. Read more about this in Parentings cheat sheet to pregnancy hormones. Understanding why you are taking these often helps people take their medications more appropriately.

#Tip 2 – Plan for the day

If you are like me and you need to plan to feel prepared and calm then you should. I was told during my phone call with the embryologist the instructions for the day when they called to tell us how our emby was developping. But in complete honesty i was so focused on the gradings and when they were going to be transfered I didn’t take much of this in. So if you’re unsure give your clinic another call to make sure you know what to do.

Then once I had this informaiton i had a little day planner lying around and i wrote down all the details including, travel arrangements, where we would park, who was taking me, relaxation medication times, time to take my progesterone, appointment time, and a clothes list as well as bold reminder to take the camera. This helped me feel ready.

FET/IVF Transfer Day Tips: Make a plan

#Tip 3 – What to wear?!?!?!?!?!? (Hint: Be you!)

During my transfer i wore my comfy pants and a loose fitting teeshirt, Nathan wore a shirt and trousers. But whilst at the clinic i saw women dressed up in pretty dresses, skirts and formal work wear. Ultimately wear whatever feels comfortable for you, remember you will want to get some pictures. The only advise i can give is to make sure it’s easy to get dressed and undressed from as you will have to change into a gown and i didn’t want to have to deal with 20 layers. Also remember that neither of you should wear strong scents so avoid that aftershave and perfume. The embryos are sensitive to it.

#Tip 4 –Make sure you have support and a driver.

If you are a couple then try and make sure your partner can attend this day! It’s an important one, if you’re single or it’s just not possible to have your partner there then make sure you find someone to go with you, a friend, your mum anyone. They can take pictures, hold your hand and drive for you if you’re an emotional mess or you need to take medications to relax you such as vallium. Also knowing you have transport and someone there just means you can relax and focus on your day!

#Tip 5 – Manage your hydration

This one seems a little silly but it’s surprisingly important! Some clinics will ask you to come in with a half full bladder! What…. How do i manage this i hear you ask. I thought the same thing.

So i took my trusty water bottle with me and went to the bathroom before i left, then just drank this as i went and when i was there it was perfect! The reason fo this, is that the fullness of your bladder means your uterus can move around and can obstruct the view of the ultrasound, making it more difficult to position the catheter in the right position in your uterus.




“Being prepared for FET/IVF Transfer day was the best thing I ever did. This is a day that changed my life and I wanted to enjoy it. So my biggest tip is to make sure you know what to expect and what you want to get out of it! It’s your day, plan to make it special!”


FET/IVF During Transfer Day Tips

#Tip 6 – Take Pictures

This tip is pretty self explanatory and in our opinion it’s something we wish we had done more throughout the whole IVF process, both for our own personal memories and also to help our possible future child understand the miricle that they came from. So take pictures of each other and also of the embryo that the medical team will put up on the screen in your room. Don’t be afraid to ask one of the team to take a picture of you with your partner as well as these are days you never want to forget.

#Tip 6 – Breathe and Relax

The more relaxed you are the less stressful the actual transfer will be. If you are all tight and squeezing, it can mean the positioning of the catheter can be more uncomfortable than it needs to be. So practice breathing and relaxing, either through meditation or just being concious of your breathing and then make sure to do this in the room. It will make things substantially easier and make you more present in the moment.

#Tip 7  – Allow yourself to dream a little

The moment will come after you have had your transfer, you will be asked to stay laying down for about 10 minutes, it’s O.K. in fact healthy to allow yourself to dream what this moment can mean for your future, what will you call your child, how will it feel to get a positive test result, and feel relief that for now the majority of IVF or FET is over allow yourself to feel, hope and dream. You have earned it.

Tip #8 – Write down the details

Once you’ve finished one of the clinic team will give you information on your progesterone usage, when you will have your pregnancy test and that you should relax for 24/48 hours afterwards, write this down in your diary and follow it, it’s easy to forget.

Tip # 9– Take a YOU day or 2

You need to lie down, relax and give your embryo the best possible chance. So take the next 48 hours off work, together and relax, catch up on that netflix, have your partner cook or even better get in your favourite takeaway and spend a few days just focusing on you!

Tip # 10 – Superstitious? Get McDonald fries 

If you are a superstitious person then you may want to get macdonalds fries on your way home from your transfer. There is a long standing tradition that having this treat on the way home gives you the best chance of getting pregnant. Now we know it doesn’t but for many it’s a ritual they don’t want to break!

What happens next?

We really have everything crossed that you get what your heart desires…

A BFP (Big Fat Posivive) following your embryo transfer.

We know how hard the two week wait is following the embryo transfer and we want to help as much as possible. If you have any questions at all let us know in the comments and we’ll do our best to help you.

Should you get macdonalds fries after your embryo transfer?


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Again best of luck following your embryo transfer, we have everything crossed for you.


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