Why 4dp5dt is the hardest day? | What can you do to help keep your sanity?

What is 4dp5dt?

For those of you that are new to the fertility and IVF community or are part of the community and still don’t have a foggiest what it is; let’s start by explaining what 4dp5dt is?

4dp5dt means 4 days past 5-day transfer which is the day you had your embryo transfer. If you have a clinical pregnancy it will mean that 4dp5dt will mean you are 3 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Many women say this is when they start getting pregnancy symptoms.

Why is 4dp5dt such a hard day?

There are several reasons why 4dp5dt is such a challenging day they include

  • Implantation bleeding can occur in this time period
  • You can get a range of ‘pregnancy’ symptoms including cramps
  • Stress and anxiety can really start to kick in
  • want to start testing to see if they have had a successful IVF cycle this day.

Let’s look at each of these in turn: –

To learn more about my experience and thoughts on 4dp5dt then watch our video.

Implantation bleeding can occur with women going through IVF.

Research has produced a huge variation in stat’s relating to implantation bleeding and it shows that 7%-42% of women going through IVF have implantation bleeding. What a useless statistic! However, it is clear that implantation bleeding can take place, this usually happens between 1dp5dt – 5dp5dt.

It is usually light spotting, can have a pink thin consistency. It isn’t usually heavy or accompanied by severe cramps. But if you are bleeding then you should contact your clinic right away to discuss it with them

Pregnancy symptoms and cramps at 4 days post 5 day transfer

Throughout your two-week wait (TWW) you can experience pregnancy symptoms including

  • Cramps
  • Sore and tender breasts
  • Nausea and sickness
  • A need to urinate more frequently
  • Change in sensitivity to smells and tastes

Firstly, let me be really clear you can experience these symptoms whether you’re Pregnant or Not Pregnant. You had a hCG injection, you are using progesterone to support your luteal phase, all of these can cause these symptoms as well as being pregnant or as a precursor to your normal monthly aunt flow. For your sanity try not to read into every little change and niggle going on in your body.

I’m not trying to be a killjoy, but through my unsuccessful and successful IVF cycles I had all of these symptoms at some point in the two week wait, I mean it was fun to dream that in our first cycle my sore breasts meant I was pregnant but all it did was increase my hope, which was then dashed on the BFN blood test.

Stress and Anxiety at 4dp5dt

During the first couple of days often your partner is being super attentive, you’ve kept busy googling the two-week wait and chances of success for IVF…we all do it! But now’s the time that you start to worry, the section above talks about symptoms, you stress if you get them you worry if you don’t. The what if’s start to entre you mind.

You start thinking about if it’s successful what will you call them, you imagine yourself pregnant and your future with your newfound miracle. All of this causes anxiety because you keep obsessing about everything!

I know I did!

This was the time when keeping my IVF diary populated with my thoughts and feelings helped, I had an IVF colouring book and I tried to keep my mind occupied and not just sat at home dwelling. We have written an article with 8 actionable tips to keep your sanity during the two-week wait so check it out.

So, make sure with your mind busy you try to find ways to rest, relax and recover, consider massage, acupuncture or short walks in a place you love. Nathan and I took nice walks along the beach and it kept my mind off the possible outcomes.

4dp5dt and the Urge to Pregnancy Test

This is the day the urge really kicks in! I visited a lot of forums and was in a lot of support groups and saw a lot of posts like the one’s Let’s look at the science of this. You are advised not to test before 10 days after the hCG trigger injection, today for most cycles is almost exactly 10 days since your injection so the desire to test can be overwhelming, but you can still get false positives from the hCG on this day so this is something you should always bare in mind.

Secondly, every women is different, look at the graph below it shows the hCG ranges throughout pregnancy and what struck me when I first found this our is how huge the normal range is, as such it’s likely if you’re at the bottom to middle of this normal range then you won’t have enough in your system to get an accurate pregnancy test and will result in a false BFN.


Ultimately, it’s your own choice I did test throughout my two-week wait from 4dp5dt all the way to my blood test and my first cycle I had a false positive this day and on my successful cycle I had false negative up to 6dp5dt. So, as long as you are prepared for the emotional rollercoaster that this will send you on do what feels right.

Final Thoughts

I thought I’d just share some things that Nathan and I did during our 4dp5dt, firstly we went out for lunch, I had a strawberries and crème Frappuccino Nathan had a large cinnamon latte (that is his standard) and cake and sandwich, I think it was actually in that order, then we went to the cinema which was great as it kept my mind off of everything that was going on. The only reason that I know all this is because this is what I wrote in my IVF diary, those things are a godsend! Then in the evening we had a lovely meal cooked by Nathan (he does all the cooking… I make brown lemon chicken and rice pudding, at least that’s what he always reminds me!) then I went and had some Cat time (the best R&R out there) cue cute cat pictures!

Obviously, if you are reading this it’s likely you have gone through IVF and are probably 4dp5dt. It’s an exciting and nerve wracking time. I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope that you get the outcome your heart is desiring. We would absolutely love to hear from you about your own experiences of the two-week wait or about your infertility and IVF journeys in general so get in touch through the comments or drop us an email or if you want to continue reading then check out these posts which will likely be of interest to you

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