Trying to find the funny side of Infertility

I know infertility is a serious issue and that it can be heart breaking, difficult and upsetting. However sometimes laughing at yourself and your situation can be cathartic.
If you find yourself a little sensitive about infertility or find any of this in bad taste then I apologise, but de-stressing through laughter is good for us.
This little blog is about our favourite fertility, infertility and IVF jokes lets try and find the funny side of infertility.

4 funny facts that to help you laugh through your infertility

Funny #1 – Everything in life reminds you of your purely decorative uterus

Your partner treats you to a special breakfast to cheer you up.

Your lovely 18 year old waitress smiles and asks

“How would you like your eggs?”

You want to scream working please, but you settle on “scrambled like my life”


Funny #2 -You are in a cult!

You often sit there feeling sad and alone and like you are the only person this is happened too, so you brave the internet opening Google and type in


Search has taken 0.46s – Didn’t feel it – It felt like an hour!

It’s in the moment the search result appear that you realise you are now a fully-fledged member of the biggest underground secret society there is…. What an honour!

Funny #3 – Your lady parts have never had so much action!

At college I was this shy little thing that would blush at the thought of a cute guy offering me a knowing smile. Now every Tom, Dick and Harry has seen what I have to offer in the land down under!

Funny #4 – I am Mary reincarnate!

If like me and your Dad is a strict Catholic and I’m his innocent little girl, then even if we do have children, he can continue to believe that I am indeed a Virgin…. There was no sex involved in our conception.

Our own infertility memes

We decided we’d try to create some infertility amusing memes. Let us know what you think

Our favourite infertility jokes.

There aren’t that many written jokes about infertility so had slim pickings, here are 4 that made us chuckle but if i’m hones they’re still not the best, best of a bad bunch i guess, let us know in the comments any that made you chuckle and we can add them to the list.

Semen Test

Today I went to the fertility clinic for a semen analysis test……I politely asked the doctor, “How did I do on the test?”He said, “It was a stroke of genius!”

Lost throguh generations

A new study shows that fertility is hereditary – If your parents didn’t have any children, chances are you won’t either.

 Infertility Quality Assurance

There was a quality assurance bug tester who was interested in getting pregnant. She read on a factual website that having sex without a condom will make you pregnant, so that’s what she did. However, a month later, she was not pregnant.

Frustrated, she submitted a complaint to the website that the steps were incorrect, and demanded they update their steps. The website did. The new steps are if you stopped all contraception for months, ate healthy, exercised, went to the doctor to inspect for fertility, find a fertile male, have unprotected sex 2 days before ovulation, and lifted your legs after having sex, you will become pregnant. So she did.

One month later, she was still not pregnant. She again filed a complaint to the website, saying that their steps are erroneous. The website admins clarified that the chances to get pregnant was actually less than 100%, and that they failed to mention it. They recommended to try it 10 times.

1 year later, she resolved the complaint ticket. The website admins asked her how it went.

She said, “10/10 could not reproduce”.

 Lost but now found

The sperm found the lost lonely egg and the egg seemed worried. The sperm said “don’t worry because zygote you now”


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